Grandma and Me: A Kid's Guide for Alzheimer's & Dementia

About the book

Over 5.5 million Americans and 78 million worldwide are impacted by Alzheimer's disease, not to mention the related dementia's.  

Dr. Prior and Mrs. Drummond partnered to write Grandma and Me: A Kid's Guide for Alzheimer's & Dementia to provide a needed resource for all the families on this journey. The beautiful illustrations and thoughtful story will draw your child in to Grandma and Me while helping you, the parent, to explain the changes brought on by a difficult disease. By reading the story of Grandma and Me with your child, you will ensure your childs' feelings are addressed while providing them with the necessary tools to maintain positive interactions for as long as possible with their loved one living with dementia. Your child will return on their own to Grandma and Me to find answers and comfort.  Although written for children between the ages of 5 to 9, the whole family will benefit from Grandma and Me.

What Others Are Saying

Woman's Day Magazine calls Grandma and Me: A Kid's Guide for Alzheimer's & Dementia an "inspiring solution - a unique way two women further the conversation around dementia and Alzheimer's."


" I found something immeasurably valuable on every page of this caring and warm book. I love Julia Walther's gorgeous watercolors, which make Grandma's garden and carefully tended plants come to life so well. This beautiful book handles a difficult subject with grace and consummate skill, and will help kids make the most of their time with grandparents who have Alzheimer's or other mental health issues. Grandma and Me: A Kid's Guide for Alzheimer's & Dementia is most highly recommended." Jack Magnus for Readers Favorite. 


"I found this story very poignant and well-written. The authors are obviously extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Alzheimer's and dementia, but the way they have created a story to help young children understand is fantastic. I especially loved the explanation of how the brain's functioning alters, and the 'meet me where I am" care. The language and illustrations used are perfect for parents to help explain such a complex and upsetting subject to their children. The relationship between the young boy and his grandmother was very touching, and one that many children would relate to. The whole message was uplifting and positive. An huge thumbs up to the authors; this is an exceptional book and one that will help children remain close to any loved one who suffers with this illness." Lesley Jones for Readers Favorite 


"This story is very sensitively written, explaining what is happening to Grandma and why things are changing. Altogether a skillfully crafted book to help explain what can be a confusing situation for children." Jane Finch for Readers' Favorite



“Grandma and Me is an amazing gift to parents and grandchildren of those dealing with Alzheimer’s.  My father has been dealing with Alzheimer’s for about 5 years now.  Our family, including four grandchildren, often struggle with ways to help my father and each other through this journey.  We try to focus on love and solutions. Grandma and Me is full of tangible ways young children can help their grandparents and keep that special connection. Thank you to Beatrice, Mary Ann and Julia for putting the words and images together so my children, and so many others, can understand and help love their grandparents through this journey."  Kristen Schottenheimer, Coach and Daughter of former NFL Coach, Marty Schottenheimer.


“Wow! Dr. Prior and Mrs. Drummond take a complicated and difficult journey that is near impossible for even adults to navigate and fully comprehend and embrace the whole family with warmth, comfort and a safe place to explore and process living with a loved one who is transforming through the stages of dementia. Grandma and Me helps provide a lighted path for the family as they walk through a forest of emotions together. I love the beautiful images of the grandmother and grandson’s relationship as it grows and changes over time.  In addition, Dr. Prior and Mrs. Drummond add a depth of supportive information, insight and suggestions to caregivers of children who may be struggling with the changes within their family.”  Emily Nevin, social worker and daughter of a mother who transformed through the stages of dementia. 


“I love this! What a beautiful book.  It brought tears to my eyes reflecting on how I felt when my grandfather had the disease.” Lisa Merrick, Founder of Remembering Kay Foundation.


"Grandma and Me provides real world examples for engaging children and family members who are suffering from dementia.  The book will help children understand the illness as well as provide children with ways to continue to help and engage the family member with compassion and love." Kelly Morton Ph.D. Professor of Family Medicine, Professor of Psychology, Loma Linda University.

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Where Can I Buy It?

Grandma & Me is available at your favorite book seller in the US, Europe, Canada, India and more international countries each day!